Product Features


Used in aluminum panels ROM (Cladding) several different types of layers of high-quality paint, which results in a lack of need for long-term maintenance and that leads to avoid the costs of repair and maintenance, and features a self-cleaning function of the fact that the surface level and extreme softness, which leads to a lack of adhesion of dust and loose material by the atmosphere.


The compact aluminum plates (Cladding) coated with a layer of {PVDF} durability and strength advantage and the ability to resist weather and high temperatures.


Characterized by lightweight panels compared to the kinds of other interfaces, leading to the ease and speed of implementation, and that results in a dilution and pressure loads on buildings.

Innovative Design

Because as it is the ease of shear panels, drilling, bending into arcs and angles and straight and the other in which they can design distinctive and unique shapes according to customer requirements.

Fire Resistance

Used in shingles Alclading materials non-flammable and fire-resistant according to international standards and are soundproofed and heat.